Our Favorite Reviews From 2017


As 2017 comes to a close we’d like to share some of our favorite reviews from our clients at ASI Collision Inc.  As a family owned business for decades in Hyde Park, we rely on word of mouth from our great customers. Referrals keep our business running and hearing and sharing theses words from our much appreciated clients means the world to us. So as we head into 2018, we take a moment to share a few reviews we are most proud of.


From Andrius B- 

These guys do it all…collision, touch up, detailing, you name it! Their character, timeliness, & professionalism is second to none – making the customer experience all the better. On top of that, they’re fun folks to work with, look them up!! Trust them with ANYTHING!

From Emma M- 

Impeccable service and quality work. Originally was skeptical about going somewhere other than the dealer with my 2014 audi s8 but every single one of my friends had work done here that had come out better than my previous jobs done on my other car before i totaled it. After giving them a try I wouldn’t ever go back to the dealer…. Huge thank you to Anthony and his team!!!!

From Carlos H-

If you are a car enthusiast or just someone who cares about things done correctly, this place will not disappoint. The team at ASI are all highly skilled with years of experience under their belt. Wether you drive a high end vehicles or not, these guys do it the best. Outstanding facility, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to do work or repairs on their cars.

From Jessica K-

can’t say enough about ASI Collision. I crashed my 2015 Mercedes and did a pretty good amount of damage. My car was towed to a shop that said they couldn’t look at it for a couple days. I heard through word of mouth that ASI Collision does a great job so I called and they took my car right away. They called me right when they received my car and processed all the paperwork immediately. I got status updates regularly via phone/e-mail by Anthony and his team, at other shops in the past I was the one calling to check in. It took a lot of stress out of the whole process due to how well they took care of me. They made me feel like I was their number one priority. I got my car back and I swear it drives better than when I brought it there and looks beautiful. Highly Recommend. Thank you!!

 From Jeff J-
A few weeks ago, a valet rear-ended my 2015 Durango. I asked my friends that work in the automotive industries for shop recommendations. After hearing top of the line reviews about Automotive Specialities, I decided to move forward with them. I can’t say enough great things about their team, professionalism, level of service and speed of repair. From beginning to end, they are exceptional to work with. With that being said, I hope that I won’t need their services again, but if I do, I’ll be back in a heartbeat.
These were just a few of our favorites from 2017. As we look forward to 2018 we will strive to continue to provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail that garner these type of testimonials. Thank you to all of our customer and have a happy new year!



What To Look For When Buying a Used Audi


Before You Buy A Used Audi!

For many Audi owners, their first foray into the world of luxury German automobiles is by purchasing a used Audi. It makes sense, you can get a feel for the vehicle, without jumping in face first with a full investment in  a brand new car. At ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of Audi’s, so we know what to look for when you are purchasing a used Audi. Make sure to keep an eye out for the following:

Service Records

Ideally, the person you are buying your Audi from has a detailed history of their service records. Audi provides a users manual that has the work that should be performed for different mileage markers. A good Audi owner should follow this manual as close as possible.

Check For Rust

With older vehicles, rust becomes inevitable. However, large amounts of rust should be a red flag and should have you reconsidering how much you are willing to pay for your used Audi. Inspect the car thoroughly, check the undercarriage and wheel wells for for rust.

Electrical Components

Some of the most common issues with used Audi’s come from their electrical components. Its is disappointing, but the same is true for other meticulously engineered cars such as Ferrari’s and even BMW’s. Electrical components such as displays, brake lights, power windows can start to falter with age. These aren’t difficult fixes, but if the Audi is out of warranty they can be pricey to fix.

Look at Audi Recall History

This step is crucial. Before you even go to look at a used Audi that you find online, look up the model.  Check to see if the model has any major recalls in the past. If it did, you’ll want to verify the issue was taken care of via service records.

Check the CarFax

Today, some shadier body shops can fix up a totaled vehicle so that an untrained eye can’t even tell. Ask for the vehicles VIN number before you go to check it out. This can save you some hassle before you even go to see the vehicle.

At ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park we are passionate about Auid’s. If you decide to pick up a used Audi and need to get it repaired or fixed, we are the body shop for you.


Tips for Choosing the a Body Shop For Your Audi



At ASI Collision Inc. in Hyde Park we are passionate about Audi’s.  We are here to help our customers make the right repair choices when it comes to their Audi’s because we share the same passion they do about these beautiful German engineered vehicles. If you have the misfortune of getting into an accident or collision and need a body shop for repair work in Boston, make sure you follow these tips for your Audi.


Use www.audiusa.com/help/collision-repair to find an authorized repair facility


We have covered in the past what makes an Audi certified collision shop special and why you should only bring your Audi to a certified body shop by Audi of America. When choosing a body shop to have work done on your Audi, go to the link above and make sure the shop is certified by Audi to perform repair services.

Verify that the shop is an Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facility


Like Audi certified collision centers, you’ll want to make sure the body shop you are looking at is also an Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Facility. This means that the shop has specialized training, equipment, and uses only authorized parts for repair and replacement. Additionally, the shop is certified to have a cleanroom, which prevents any contamination, damage, or potential weakness to the body of your Audi.

Verify The Shop’s Warranty


When it comes to the repairs done on your Audi, you’ll want to make sure the body shop provides a warranty on the work performed. This indicates that the shop stands behind the quality of their work, and if anything were to go wrong down the line, they will be there to correct it.

ASI Collision Inc. is one of Massachusetts’s only Audi Certified Collision Center and Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facility. If your Audi is involved in a collision and needs body work performed, we are here to get your back on the road, and have your Audi looking like new again.

Hyde Park Tow Truck Service


Tow Truck Services


ASI Collision Inc, in Hyde Park is known for top of the line  Audi,  Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover collision and repair services. Being one of the few Audi Certified Collision Centers in Massachusetts, means we have the ability to get your luxury vehicle up and running again using Audi Certified Parts and repair processes. But how do these vehicles get to us after an accident? Many people choose to take advantage of our tow truck service.


Designed for Low-Profile Cars

That’s right, in addition to being known for our quality work on European cars, ASI Collision Inc. is well equipped with a tow truck that is specifically designed for European and low profile cars. Fully insured with car and truck carriers insurance you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will get to our shop safely to begin the repair process.

If you find yourself in need of a tow in your European car and want to make sure your vehicle will be transported with a tow truck designed specifically for your vehicle, to a shop known for European car repair, call 617-364-1722!



Our custom designed tow truck in action.

Giving The Old Car To Your Teen? Here’s What You Need To Know




The time has finally come. Your teen has earned their driver’s license and they are itching to hit the road. You take advantage of the situation and decide it’s time for a vehicle upgrade for yourself. It’s a win-win situation. But before you toss the keys to your son or daughter make sure you follow the car safety check list!

Car Safety Check List


1. Check your tires! All tires are made to a different grade. Some need to be replaced after 30,000 miles, some after 50,000 miles. Getting a tire rotation can help prolong the life of your tires. If your treads are too low, it’s probably time to replace your tires.


2. A critical but often overlooked part of your vehicle are the brakes! Just like tires, brakes have different mile markers when they need to be replaced! If it’s been year since your brakes have been replaced your rotors can develop heat cracks and other damage. Our expert technicians will let you know exactly what state your brakes are in.


3. At the very least before handing your car to your teen you should bring it in for preventative maintenance. At ASI Collision Inc we cover it all. From Oil and Filter Change to maintenance for vehicles that have reached 105,000 miles.

Why ASI Collision Inc. for Vehicle Maintenance


ASI Collision Inc has a been a staple in the Hyde Park community for auto service and maintenance. We are an Audi Certified repair shop. We specialize in foreign vehicle maintenance repair. Contact us today in Hyde Park to get your car tuned up!

Special Delivery


Special Delivery! Lamborghini Murcielago Repair done at ASI Collision Inc.

IMG_0712 IMG_0711 IMG_0710 IMG_0708







Audi Authorized Collision Center


Let’s face it. You love your Audi. And why not? With sleek German design, flawless handles, and a look that screams style. But what happens when your beloved Audi gets in an accident? When its finish is tarnished and no longer has that look you paid for?

Would you take it to any old body shop? That’s not the best plan. Take it to an Auto Authorized Collision Center. ASI Collision Inc, in Hyde Park Inc is one of the few Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facilities in the U.S. Take a look at the Audi website itself for proof:  We are listed under the Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facilities.

We are proud to be listed on the Audi website as an Authorized Aluminum Collison Repair Facility. Large amounts of custom training and certification tests went into this process. It’s a certification that Audi (and its customers) don’t take lightly.


Audi Drivers should come to ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park for:

  • Vehicles constructed with high-strength steel or aluminum. Like a 2017 Q7
  • Vehicles constructed with advanced materials (carbon fiber & aluminum)
  • Equipment that is tested to Audi vehicles specially
  • Audi trained repair technicians using factory-approved procedures


Remember, by choosing an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility you help ensure that the correct parts and procedures are used to repair your Audi!


Merecedes AMG S63 Full Detail


One of the benefits of being known for our high quality detail work in Hyde Park & the Greater Boston Area is being able to work on incredible vehicles. Our latest unique project was this Mercedes AMG S63:




This beautiful car came in for our “platinum detail” service.  While most automotive shops offer detailing services, ASI Collision Inc. prides itself on our quality of work and attention to detail.

We perform DA Claying on all vehicles that come in for our platinum detail service. This process is where your vehicles paint is cleaned of surface containment s with our DA Clay machine. After your car sits for 45 minutes, we remove the substance by hand to ensure the highest quality care on your car.

You can see the clay being applied in the picture below.da-clay-mercedes


Additionally we perform wet sandings and buffing which, many other detail services do not provide. This process makes sure we get your car as close to looking brand new as possible.  Below you can see the process of the buffing taking place:


We recommend getting your vehicle detailed twice a year to remove harmful dirt, stains, bug guts & any standard wear and tear on your vehicles interior and exterior.

Does your car, truck, suv look like its in need for a detail? Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Audi RS-7 Front-End Repair Job

Audi Repair Job

Another Audi Repair Job

ASI Collision Inc had the opportunity to work on a rare and exotic Audi this month. While it was unfortunate to see a car of this stature come in for repair work, it was a thrill to be able to work on a car this rare, unique, and powerful.

The car we are talking about? It’s an Audi RS-7. One of the fast production cars available on today’s market. These exotic sports cars start at $110,000 and go 0-60 MPH in less than 4 seconds! How is that possible? Well the Audi- RS 7 has a motor that carries anywhere from 560-650 horse power depending package your choose.

Take a look at the before and after pictures from this job:

Audi front end repair Audi Bumper Replacement Audi Front End Damage Audi Front End Repair


ASI Collision Inc Repair Center

Located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, ASI Collision Inc is an Audi certified collision center. Along with meeting other requirements, this means that our we have a staff of Audi Certified Technicians. They are trained specifically to perform repair and service work on Audi vehicles.

Please contact us today if you have an Audi that needs body work performed by expert, certified, Audi technicians.

Mercedes-Benz To Release 10 Different Electric Vehicles by 2022


Mercedes-Benz has introduced plans to develop 10 different electric car models by 2022, three years earlier than initial announcements indicated. This will place Mercedes-Benz in competition with Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and other car companies that have plans to release more electric cars over the next decade. Bloomberg reports that this increase is in response to an effort to meet European regulations on carbon-dioxide emissions. According to Mercedes-Benz parent company chairman Manfred Bishoff, Mercedes-Benz wants to be a leader in transforming the automotive industry to cars that run on electric motors as the industry embraces the direction of energy-efficient electric vehicles and self-driving cars. The electric vehicle line will be named EQ, as a reference to electric intelligence.

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly investing 10 billion Euros (approximately 15 billion US dollars) to hasten the process of meeting the target launch date. Besides the goals to meet European regulations on carbon emissions, this hastened development timeline may also be in response to the progress of other manufacturers in pursuing electric vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is releasing new luxury electric car models like a GLC-sized crossover line, but Mercedes-Benz is also planning to diversify its offerings, including an electric heavy-duty truck having a 124-mile range.

Other companies that are planning releases in the next five years include Porsche, who is planning 2019 to launch its Mission E concept, whereas BMW is targeting 2021 to release its i-branded vehicle and other electric models like the Mini Hardtop and the next generation X3. Audi in turn has three electric vehicle models planned by 2020, including a crossover and a sedan.

So who knows, maybe the next luxury German vehicle you own may be a powered by a battery? The future may be here sooner than you think. For now and in the future, the certified technicians at ASI Collision can help you with any collision repair services to your luxury German vehicle. Our certifications and our state-of-the-art tools and aluminum cleanroom technology make us the best collision repair service center in all of Boston — call us at 617-364-1722.

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