e-tron, Audi’s Approach Toward Sustainability


Audi e-tron a3The Audi e-tron is a family of cars developed by Audi that brings together the concept of electric and hybrid. This revolutionary concept was first shown in 2009 and has since been unveiled in 2012 and then first released to customers in Europe in 2014. The latest vehicle slated for release is the A-3 Sportback e-tron.

This vehicle is far from your typical hybrid. It’s an electric plug-in hybrid that combines Audi’s sportiness and luxury. The 2016 A-3 has the ability to run purely on electricity, gas or even a combination of the two. The electric motor offers 243lbs-ft of torque for a beautiful, quiet and smooth ride. The electric motor is joined by a gas engine that delivers 204 horse power for responsive acceleration.

Through this innovation, Audi is trying to reduce their carbon footprint. For more information, check out Audi’s website.

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2015 Awards for Audi from June – October


Audi Car LogoWe love driving, appreciating and working with Audi vehicles. They are one of best vehicles in the world and that is why we have worked so hard to become certified Audi mechanics. What we have also noticed is that other people agree with us. The company and it’s vehicles have accumulated a variety of awards from June to October of 2015.

Handelsblatt – Automobile of the Year

Based on a total of 700,000 interviews covering 735 different brands, the publication of Handelsblatt online and YouGove opinion institute ranked Audi the “Brand of the Year 2015”.

Daily Telegraph Cars Award

Audi sweeps the board with three winning awards by a daily British newspaper, “The Daily Telegraph”. The Audi TT Coupe won “Best Sports Car, and the Audi A3 won “Best Family Car” and “Best Design of the Year”. Newspaper readers rated the cars off 10 main categories.

StraBenverkehr and Eltern –  Family Car of the Year

The Audi Q5 won the most friendly family vehicle of the year under the EURO 35k to 40k category.

Audi ran away with an additional 7 other awards throughout the past 5 months. Feel free to check them out at Audi World.

Top Tips For Winter Car Storage


For those that have classic, luxury and sports cars, the winter season is the time of the year that marks the end of their driving season. To keep your car in pristine and high-quality condition, it’s important that you properly store your car. Here are some helpful storage tips when preparing for winter car storage:

Storing Location: Be sure that you choose a safe, and dry building where you car can stay during the winter. A garage works great, but if you don’t have one, a facility with a concrete floor is a must. Bare earth such as an old barn is not optimal.

Engine Oil: Check the engine oil with a dipstick. If it’s dirty, your car has reached its mileage limit and you should change it before storage.

Wash and Clean: Before storing your car, you should also complete one final wash. This way, you can ensure there is no dirt or any debris left on the surfaces for an extended period.

Tires: Before storage, also inflate your tires to the maximum PSI rating. This will prevent any chances of flat spots from developing. You should also leave the car in neutral without the parking brake turned on. Automatic transmission vehicles can be left in park but otherwise, be sure to block the tires to prevent any moving.

Ventilation: Roll down your cars windows to allow proper circulation. This way, moisture won’t build up inside the cabin.

Pest Prevention: Rodents often seem to find their way into garages and make it their home for the winter. If these rodents make it into parts of the car, they can run havoc on the wires. To be safe, take a ball of steel wool and place it in the exhaust pipe opening and air inlet. You can also place laundry fabric sheets in the cabin and trunk and place moth balls around the perimeter of the vehicle.

Car Cover: As a finishing touch, use a quality and tight cover which also allows the car to get some air.

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