What exactly does it mean to be Audi Certified?


Audi Car LogoWhen it comes to repairing your vehicle after damage has occurred, everyone wants to know they are bringing their vehicle to a trusted & reliable source. When the quality and price of a vehicle increases, so does the importance to bring your car to the right auto body shop. ASI Collision understands this thought of mind from customers and has taken the extra step to insure the highest level of service for all luxury vehicles and specifically Audi’s.

Audi has a process of training, teaching and equipping shops that take their in depth repair course. After going through extensive training and acquiring Audi Genuine Parts, Audi deems specific shops as Audi trusted. Should your Audi need a repair, they recommenced taking your car only to a certified repair facility. This process of becoming “Audi Certified” is so exclusive only a few shops in the state of Massachusetts can say they are recommended by Audi themselves.

ASI Collision has been a collision center in Boston for over 35 years, and are continuing to do everything possible to stay one step ahead of the competition. A.S.I wants customers to have the highest level of service and have certainly taken the steps to do so.

Proper Way to Clean Your Car after New Paint


If there is a singular maintenance practice that will improve your cars appearance the most, keeping the car clean may be it. Unfortunately for those that have just had new paint applied, there is a proper way to clean your car.

After leaving a collision center with your new paint, you need to wait approximately 4 weeks before you can wax your car. If you have a trusted car wash in your area, you can take it there. Otherwise we suggest washing it at home.Make sure you don’t use dish soap on your car as this can actually dull the new paint. You may fill a bucket with a Ph balanced cleaner. Start from the top of your vehicle and work your way down. You, should then make sure to rinse thoroughly. Once you have made sure that all residue has been rinsed off, be sure to completely dry your car. Water left behind can leave marks in the paint.

A newly painted car should be washed weekly to maintain its new appearance. After Leaving Automotive Specialties Inc. with a brand new paint job, these steps will surely help you out! For more maintenance tips or information about Automotive Specialties Inc. feel free to give us a call at (617)364-1722 or fill out a contact form.

Road Salt Damages Cars


Will this snow ever stop? With three major storms hitting the northeast these past few weeks, it’s almost unbearable to hear that another storm is headed our way this weekend. In order to keep up with the roads, plows often lay down a mixture of sand and road salt. While road salt is a huge help to keeping the roads clean, it unfortunately can cause damage to your vehicle. Salt that remains of your car for a period of time can produce rust, damage your car’s clear finish and it can also affect the overall mechanics of your car.

Luckily there are a few steps you can take to reduce your risk of damage:

  1. Snow Salt of RoadsApplying wax to your vehicle before winter is one of the best ways to protect your car. Wax helps prevent the salt from corroding any paint.

  2. You should also wash your car every 7-10 days, to effectively remove any residue on your car.

  3. Avoid driving through snow and large puddles as much as possible. Sand and salt often collects underneath puddles and when snow becomes compacted underneath your car, it can result in corrosion.

It doesn’t look like the weather is stopping any time soon, so do as much as you can to prevent damage to your car. If it is too late and you have noticed rust or damage from salt, give ASI Collision Inc a call for help at (617)364-1722.

Automotive Industry leaders & Tech Companies Joining Forces


Automotive Industry leaders and tech companies are joining forces to provide a friendly and safe mobile experience when driving on the road. A coalition of companies from both industries are committed to bring the Android platform to cars. The emergence of mobile phones, and smart phones has added an unneeded element of unsafety on the roads.

Right now there are over 1 billion cars on the road today. We rely on our phones and cars for so many things and at this point the connection between both isn’t very good. The Open Automotive Alliance has been constantly adding Technology and Automaker partners. Some of the biggest names in the alliance include Audi, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Acura, Volkswagen, Google, LG, and Panasonic.

With the help of a massive list of Automakers and Technology partners, the Open Automotive Alliance is dedicated to accelerating technology innovation within a car. For more on this alliance visit there website.

Car Technology that could change everything!


As a collision center it is always fun to see what the future holds for our cars. Throughout the world, technology is evolving everyday. Every industry is trying to come up with the newest and greatest innovation to improve life. The Automotive Industry is absolutely part of this group. New technologies are being tested for improved safety, entertainment, and simple innovation. Here are three innovative car technologies we could see at some point in the future.

  • Cars on the Road that communicate with each other and the road: Imagine automotives that have the ability to recognize when another car has ran a red light and is headed straight for you. Your car will be able to notify you with a noise or possibly automatically put on the brakes.
  •  future audiSelf Driving Cars: This isn’t a new idea. It has been passed around and imagined for years. By the use of lasers, radars, and cameras cars have the ability to process information around it. These self driving vehicles could be a much safer means of transportation. It would potentially decrease accidents by 95% due to human error.
  • Energy Storing Panels: One problem with hybrid vehicles is that their batteries are extremely heavy. A car panel that could store and possibly generate energy would reduce the size of batteries, and it would also reduce saving used to move the weight of theses batteries. Toyota has also looked into lightweight panels that would be able to capture and store solar energy.

While many of these technologies are far away, it is always great to look into the future and imagine how transportation could evolve.

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